When do I register for courses and when do I pay?

The earlier you register, the earlier your place is confirmed with GEOS. We want to accept all students, but if all classes are full, we might not be able to accept you.

 Here are the application steps:

1.      Send us the registration form

2.      Send a copy of your valid passport.

3.      You must also submit a non-refundable $150 registration fee and $115 as shipping fee (if applicable) plus a deposit of 40% of the total amount. If you are unable to obtain a student visa, we will refund you the deposit in full. Your $120 registration fee and fees for any services rendered such as accommodation placement and shipping fees will not be refunded.

4.      You must pay the balance of your tuition on, or before, the first day of class. You can pay by bank wire transfer or credit card (Visa/MasterCard). If you are paying by credit card, please fill out and send the credit card application form

5.      Once you have received your complete application, we will send your official letter of acceptance, and book your accommodation (if you have asked for this).

Do I need a student visa to register with GEOS?

This depends on how long you plan to study.

a) How long do you plan to study?

You may study in Canada for up to 6 months with a visitor's visa. If you would like to study longer than six months, then you need apply for the Student Permit. Canadian Immigration Law states that students with a Student Permit must attend at least 80% of their classes. The school's application form and the enrolment agreement contain the details of our refund policy. We are happy to help with all visa applications.

b) What country are you from?

All students who are studying for longer than 6 months need to apply for the Student Permit. Students who study for less than six months can come as visitors/tourists. However, student from some countries do need a temporary resident visa. 

Can I work while studying at GEOS?

No. Students are generally not permitted to work in Canada with either a visitor or student visa. For more information, please visit the Immigration Canada website

How do you know what level I am before classes begin?

On your first morning, you will be given a placement test and an orientation. Your placement test measures speaking, listening and reading. We will know your level after giving you this test. For those students already in Victoria, they can take the placement test at the school anytime before the starting date. If you would like to arrange a different time for your placement test, please contact us.

What is a materials fee?

All students are given textbooks for our classes. We charge 40$/textbook as deposit. Students will be able either to keep the textbooks at the end of their stay or to give back the books (in good condition). When returning the textbooks, we will refund your deposit. 

What happens if I decide to change courses or my schedule after I begin?

Students can switch between our courses if it is recommended by their teachers. However, to change a contract (from full-time to part-time, or to private courses) requires the permission of the School Manager. Normally students study according to the terms of the contract that they sign.

What do I get after I graduate?

GEOS gives a certificate to all of our students who attend at least 80% of their classes.

Can I have packages delivered to the school?

Yes, you can have packages delivered to the school. Just make sure that they are marked "DDP" (Delivery Duty Paid) and not "DDU" (Delivery Duty Unpaid), otherwise they will be sent to the courier company and you will have to pick them up yourself.


I am studying in or visiting the United States right now. Can I use the same visa I used to enter the United States to come to Canada?

No. Canada and the USA have different immigration systems. People from these countries can enter the Canada with just a passport, so these people may easily enter Canada from the United States for a visit or for studies of 6 months or less.  For longer studies, a Canadian Student Permit is required.

Can I visit the United States while I am in Canada?

Yes, but only if you have a visa to visit the United States. Even if your visa says "one entry", you are allowed to visit the United States and return to Canada. The United States is an exception to the "one entry" rule.